Making Magazine…

Every so often I treat myself to a good magazine. It’s a luxury buy and treat it as such. I curl up with a cup of green tea and submerge myself in inspirational pictures and thought provoking words.

This month I chose Making Magazine.

The soft rich looking cover caught my eye and the front cover promises of beautiful making projects made my heart skip a beat. I wasn’t disappointed.

Making magazine touches on every essence of making. Making clothes. Making food. Making a home. Perfect reading for anyone who, like me, likes to make in every aspect of life.

Pages of inspiration leave me wishing I had thought of them and pages of make ideas have me thinking how I could add my own personal touch.

So if you love inspiration, motivation and project dreaming… snuggle down this Sunday afternoon with a copy of Making Magazine… (and a cup of green tea, of course)

Rose Prince Kitchenella

Everytime I open Rose Prince’s Kitchenella my excitement and enthusasim for creating a way of life from my kitchen is sparked. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a recipe book, sure, it is full of recipes but is written in a way which you are learning a life style, a way of life which was once handed down through generations but has now been lost in todays overindulgance of fast food and convenience.

Rose teaches through her own experiences and invites you into her upbringing and daily routine. Each dish has a story and I am reading it as a novel and learning the dishes becomes a bonus.

I have changed my whole way of meal planning and having less waste by using everything. Organising and making the next meal from the leftovers of the last.

I urge anyone who wants to nuture from their kitchen and who cooking is a part of life to read this book. It is enriching.