Make Fruit Candles

If you’ve never heard of Alfresco Dining then you are in for a treat! Imagine a beautiful woodland, beach or lakeside area transformed for a few hours to host a private dinner party…

this is what we created when we were asked to get involved with Margaurita Photography and Our Munch for an Alfresco Dining photoshoot.

With Natasha from Margaurita Photography on her holidays at the moment we are guest blogging for her whilst she laps up the sun in San Francisco… Jealous?… Definitely!

And well… you wouldn’t know we were involved without a touch of DIY to add the finishing touches…

Here’s how we made candles from Oranges…

1. Cut your oranges or (any fruit you wish to use) in half and scoop out all the flesh from the inside.
2. tie a small piece of string (for a wick) to a stick and rest so the string hangs down
3. Pour melted wax into the fruit halves and leave to set
You can get wax beads from any good craft centre, I just poured the wax into an old pan over a low heat.
You can use any fruit you like, and it gives a great scent to the room… We think this would look great on a Christmas or Thanks Giving table too.
Keep an eye on Margaurita Photography’s Blog for the full pictures from the shoot.


3 of a Kind Thursday… Blogs I Love!

This Thursday I thought I would share with you 3 blogs which I love… they are the 3 blogs I can’t wait to get home to read. I don’t even need them saved on my favourites as I know their addresses off by heart. They inspire me, and delight me and add a bit of sunshine to my day… Take a look at these 3 gorgeous blogs and let them enlighten your day;

number one…

Margaurita Photography is an insight into Natasha’s life as a photographer and all things she encounters and loves along the way. She talks with honesty, passion and a little comedy… and her Wednesday sharing posts open a window to even more beautiful blogs. But the thing which I really look forward to is her photos. Her unique view of the world which makes every encounter look beautiful… look at

number two…

Carrie lives and studies in London and in her own words… “blogs daily about vintage inspired fashion and whimsical encounters” which sums up her blog perfectly. I love her style and the way she puts outfits together. My favourite highlight is ‘what I wore’ and I get so much inspiration from her looks and travels. Let Carrie inspire you at

number three…

I discovered A Beautiful Mess on one of my green tea Sunday lazy-noons, I was searching for tips on how to use my new camera. The style of her blog oozes personality and she helps with her how-to’s to inspire others. I love creative people who are not afraid to share their experiences and techniques and Elsie is one of those people. The blog is a collective of Sisters and friends bringing their passions together. Get tips on making projects, taking photos, blogging and decor… visit on a green tea Sunday lazy-noon of your own.