Chinese New Year… Invitations

February 9th sees us entering the year of the snake in the Chinese calendar. I have never celebrated Chinese new year but this year I have decided to go all out. I will be inviting friends round for a meal with some festive touches to make it special.

It all starts with an invitation…

Chinese New Year Invitations

Now… I know what you’re thinking… isn’t an origami crane Japanese? Well yes, you are right but they look so cool and unique I couldn’t resist.

I got some origami paper packs on ebay and looked up this tutorial and folded away.

Origami Crane

Using some clear jewellery thread I threaded through the crane’s back, tying a knot at the bottom and top so the crane doesn’t slip down the line.

I used a parcel tag at the bottom as the invitation card and tried my hand at writing ‘New Year’ in Chinese to add a festive touch.

Origami Invitation with Tag

The perfect invitation people can hang in their window and get excited about the  party to come.


Ballet, Rugby and lots of New Things!

My friend Naomi and me have made a joint New Years Resolution, and unlike the ones where you give up something you genuinely love… a year without chocolate is simply not an option!… We have decided to bring more things, and new things to our lives in 2012.

So the resolution is… “To Do New Things”

And in typical Naomi fashion, we have a fail safe way of ensuring that we continue our resolution through the year, well into the Junes, Septembers and even December days of 2012.

An invite to our very own New Things of 2012 Listhings post board pops into my inbox with 2 very different but equally exciting things to do which we have always wanted to do, thought we might fancy, but we just haven’t got around to doing them.

  1. Go to the Rugby
  2. Go to the Ballet

Any time an idea pops into one of our heads we can add it to our listhings. All of those… “I’ve always wanted to do that/go there/see it” will be added to the list and whenever we are at a loose end or want something to do we have our new things sat waiting for us.

So here we come 2012…. This Friday we are off to see the Northern Ballet, Now when does the Rugby season start?