Pressing Flowers

If you have received some flowers today and like me love them when they are in bloom but wish they would stay that way forever… pressing flowers is for you. Its a true vintage hobby, with pressed flowers found in antique books… and it can become addictive.

Remember, its only good to press flowers which are in full bloom, but sacrificing a few heads from a bouquet is worth it.

Flower Pressing 2


Snip the head off one of your flowers. Open a heavy book and cover the pages with some blotting paper or kitchen roll and place the flower head inside the book. You can add some leaves in too if you like.Flower Pressing 6 Flower Pressing 4Flower Pressing 5

Close the book and rest more heavy books on top. Leave it for about 4 weeks or more and then your flower will be pressed.

All we need to do now is wait 4 weeks to find great ways to use pressed flowers…


I am sure that people all over the UK are today thankful for their Mummy, but I have a special thanks for my Mummy as she is the best one anyone could have.

Not only is my Mum a Mother to me, and a supportive friend but she is also my colleague. Together we have turned a passion into a business and I enjoy every aspect of working with my Mum. Where her strengths lie, I absorb and learn from her and when my weaknesses show, she motivates me on to hopefully, one day, I will become like the amazing woman she is. (or as close a possible)

My Mummy…