How to make a simple drawstring bag…

Drawstring bags are one of my favourite things to make, one: because they are so easy, and two: because the possibilities are endless. A simple homemade drawstring bag can give any gift the personal touch, or make a messy toy room tidy again. You can use up small pieces of left over fabric, or it is great for Fat Quarters you may have stashed away somewhere. I love these drawstring bags and hope you do to. I would love to hear what you will be putting in yours…

Make a Drawstring bag

Just follow the steps…

Step One…

Cut Fabric Size


Step Two…

Hem Top Edges


Step Three…

Measure Ribbon Holes


Step Four…

Stitch your Seams


Step Five…

Press Seams and Turn


Step Six…

Stitch Top Channel


Step Seven…

Turn and Thread Ribbon


Now you have made your drawstring bag!… What will you use yours for? I have decided to give mine as a housewarming gift for my friend. My Dad keeps bees and she just loves his honey so I am going to give her some honey in my homemade drawstring bag… I hope she likes it!Gift with Honey


Clothes Swapping Party

As a farewell to my friend Lee, who is moving back to Australia in a couple of weeks, I hosted a clothes swapping party. She had a wardrobe full of warm clothes suitable only for English weather and too bulky to fit in her suitcase so we decided it would be the best way to wish her luck, and get rid of a few clothes along the way. I invited Natasha from¬†Margaurita Photography along and she added a touch of class with the photos…

I decorated the room and transformed my kitchen/diner into a vintage boutique. It was a brilliant way to get the girls together, and get some new outfits too. Everyone loved it so much I thought I would share the techniques I used and include an invitation for you to download, then you can host your own… Just click the links for the downloads and tutorials…

I’d love to hear about your clothes swapping parties…

Monthly Make – December

With Christmas just around the corner December’s Monthly Make is this fabric gift bag…

You Need…

  • Fabric (18cm x 25cm)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Iron & Ironing Board

Step One.

Place your fabric wrong side face up, and fold over a 1cm seam on one of the long sides and pin. Sew using a straight stitch.

Step Two.

If the fabric you are using frays easily then finish the edges with a zig zag stitch. Place the fabric edge so that it stitches one stitch on the fabric and one off the fabric. Press and snip any stray threads.

Step Three.

Fold fabric in half with right sides together. Pin and stitch as below.

Once stitched press and clip the bottom 2 corners, be careful not to cut the stitches.

You now have your basic pouch… now to finish the top.

Step Four

Fold over a small hem to finish the top of the pouch and sew all the way around… if your sewing machine has a removable section to make easier, now is the time to take it off!

Step 5.

Then turn over a larger flap again to create the channel for the drawstring, pin and sew.  Then Press and clip and stray threads.

Turn your pouch the right side out.

Step 6.

To make the cord take your long piece of fabric and iron it in half lengthways, it makes it easier to pin and stitch… then pin and stitch it!

Step Seven.

Now turn your cord inside out so that the stitching is on the inside. Its a lot easier to do this if you have a loop turner (available from haberdashery shops) if you don’t have one then you can use ribbon or cord.

Step Eight.

Then insert it into the channel you created, tie a not in each end… and you have made a drawstring bag!