Make Fruit Candles

If you’ve never heard of Alfresco Dining then you are in for a treat! Imagine a beautiful woodland, beach or lakeside area transformed for a few hours to host a private dinner party…

this is what we created when we were asked to get involved with Margaurita Photography and Our Munch for an Alfresco Dining photoshoot.

With Natasha from Margaurita Photography on her holidays at the moment we are guest blogging for her whilst she laps up the sun in San Francisco… Jealous?… Definitely!

And well… you wouldn’t know we were involved without a touch of DIY to add the finishing touches…

Here’s how we made candles from Oranges…

1. Cut your oranges or (any fruit you wish to use) in half and scoop out all the flesh from the inside.
2. tie a small piece of string (for a wick) to a stick and rest so the string hangs down
3. Pour melted wax into the fruit halves and leave to set
You can get wax beads from any good craft centre, I just poured the wax into an old pan over a low heat.
You can use any fruit you like, and it gives a great scent to the room… We think this would look great on a Christmas or Thanks Giving table too.
Keep an eye on Margaurita Photography’s Blog for the full pictures from the shoot.


Holly, Port and a bit of Bing…

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year (except basking in summer sunshine – in an exotic country). Each year of our marriage I have dragged my husband into the festive spirit, to the point where we are now in our 3rd year of marriage and he is fully on side… or, at least pretending to be!

Tonight sees our annual ‘putting the decs up’ evening. Decorating the tree, with Bing playing in the background and a bottle of port to add to the already warm feeling in my tummy. Its all very Sunday supplement but a bit of cringe worthy cheese is welcome in my house this time of year.

This year I have moved house and have a beautiful home with a garden which backs onto the woodland, stocked full of holly and winter greenery. So I am venturing out, snake-skin wellies, gloves and secateurs in hand (and feet) to dress my mantelpiece in a way which even Kirstie would be jealous of!

Carols by Candelite

Last night I spent the evening at probably… no – absolutely the most beautiful place I have ever been to in Leeds. Left Bank.

I was dreaming of an evening which would warm my heart into the Christmas spirit, no brandy required! and it did not disappoint. My breath was taken away by the architecture of the ceiling and from the second I walked in, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

That is until the choir started to sing. Their haunting melodies filling the acoustics of the old disused church, enough to add a hint of glow to my skeptical and reluctant husband, Mitchell. He loves doing things like this… he just doesn’t know it yet! and the icing on the big traditional christmas cake of an evening?… Free mulled wine… which fitted nicely into my ice cold hands and kept them (and my tummy) warm.  I didn’t think the evening could get any better until my friend came running back from the ‘yummies table’ (her words, not mine) skipping with glee… “Warm mince pies… yes! warm I tell you!”

What better way to bring in Christmas than at Left Bank Carols by Candelite?