Holly, Port and a bit of Bing…

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year (except basking in summer sunshine – in an exotic country). Each year of our marriage I have dragged my husband into the festive spirit, to the point where we are now in our 3rd year of marriage and he is fully on side… or, at least pretending to be!

Tonight sees our annual ‘putting the decs up’ evening. Decorating the tree, with Bing playing in the background and a bottle of port to add to the already warm feeling in my tummy. Its all very Sunday supplement but a bit of cringe worthy cheese is welcome in my house this time of year.

This year I have moved house and have a beautiful home with a garden which backs onto the woodland, stocked full of holly and winter greenery. So I am venturing out, snake-skin wellies, gloves and secateurs in hand (and feet) to dress my mantelpiece in a way which evenĀ Kirstie would be jealous of!