Pressing Flowers

If you have received some flowers today and like me love them when they are in bloom but wish they would stay that way forever… pressing flowers is for you. Its a true vintage hobby, with pressed flowers found in antique books… and it can become addictive.

Remember, its only good to press flowers which are in full bloom, but sacrificing a few heads from a bouquet is worth it.

Flower Pressing 2


Snip the head off one of your flowers. Open a heavy book and cover the pages with some blotting paper or kitchen roll and place the flower head inside the book. You can add some leaves in too if you like.Flower Pressing 6 Flower Pressing 4Flower Pressing 5

Close the book and rest more heavy books on top. Leave it for about 4 weeks or more and then your flower will be pressed.

All we need to do now is wait 4 weeks to find great ways to use pressed flowers…

Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts

I borrowed a copy of this book from my friend and instantly fell in love with the images. The fabrics Martha uses are perfect and it inspires me to start making straight away

Making from the book you need a bit of sewing know how. Whilst the directions are clear, I need more visual aids. But it really inspires and kick starts that creative hamster running around in my brain and gives him a little bit of direction.

I love the tips in the how to section, it enables you to add those finishing touches.

Here are some projects which jumped off the page for me. Some I know I will be making… Some I just like to look at.

So why not let Martha inspire you to make more?…

her website is a fantastic hub of ideas… home, craft, garden, food… she’s a woman after my own heart.


Rose Prince Kitchenella

Everytime I open Rose Prince’s Kitchenella my excitement and enthusasim for creating a way of life from my kitchen is sparked. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a recipe book, sure, it is full of recipes but is written in a way which you are learning a life style, a way of life which¬†was once¬†handed down through generations but has now been lost in todays overindulgance of fast food and convenience.

Rose teaches through her own experiences and invites you into her upbringing and daily routine. Each dish has a story and I am reading it as a novel and learning the dishes becomes a bonus.

I have changed my whole way of meal planning and having less waste by using everything. Organising and making the next meal from the leftovers of the last.

I urge anyone who wants to nuture from their kitchen and who cooking is a part of life to read this book. It is enriching.