Pressing Flowers

If you have received some flowers today and like me love them when they are in bloom but wish they would stay that way forever… pressing flowers is for you. Its a true vintage hobby, with pressed flowers found in antique books… and it can become addictive.

Remember, its only good to press flowers which are in full bloom, but sacrificing a few heads from a bouquet is worth it.

Flower Pressing 2


Snip the head off one of your flowers. Open a heavy book and cover the pages with some blotting paper or kitchen roll and place the flower head inside the book. You can add some leaves in too if you like.Flower Pressing 6 Flower Pressing 4Flower Pressing 5

Close the book and rest more heavy books on top. Leave it for about 4 weeks or more and then your flower will be pressed.

All we need to do now is wait 4 weeks to find great ways to use pressed flowers…

Borough Market, London

A few weekends ago I was invited to London to a civil partnership of my Brother-in-Law and took the opportunity to take a peek at Borough Market. I was so pleased I did. If you ever get the chance head down at lunch-time and eat your way round!…

Where you are

Everywhere I turned there was something to indulge my senses, a new flavour to indulge in… and I did…


GameIt was great to see old fashioned techniques still being used today and sellers passionate about their trade, the atmosphere was amazing. Just when I thought I had soaked in as much as I could, a splash of vibrant colour lifted me to another level… and we sipped on Prosecco and soaked it all in!

Marias Market


Good food, good drink and good company… just the ingredients I need.

Thank you for visiting

Make Fruit Candles

If you’ve never heard of Alfresco Dining then you are in for a treat! Imagine a beautiful woodland, beach or lakeside area transformed for a few hours to host a private dinner party…

this is what we created when we were asked to get involved with Margaurita Photography and Our Munch for an Alfresco Dining photoshoot.

With Natasha from Margaurita Photography on her holidays at the moment we are guest blogging for her whilst she laps up the sun in San Francisco… Jealous?… Definitely!

And well… you wouldn’t know we were involved without a touch of DIY to add the finishing touches…

Here’s how we made candles from Oranges…

1. Cut your oranges or (any fruit you wish to use) in half and scoop out all the flesh from the inside.
2. tie a small piece of string (for a wick) to a stick and rest so the string hangs down
3. Pour melted wax into the fruit halves and leave to set
You can get wax beads from any good craft centre, I just poured the wax into an old pan over a low heat.
You can use any fruit you like, and it gives a great scent to the room… We think this would look great on a Christmas or Thanks Giving table too.
Keep an eye on Margaurita Photography’s Blog for the full pictures from the shoot.


Clothes Swapping Party

As a farewell to my friend Lee, who is moving back to Australia in a couple of weeks, I hosted a clothes swapping party. She had a wardrobe full of warm clothes suitable only for English weather and too bulky to fit in her suitcase so we decided it would be the best way to wish her luck, and get rid of a few clothes along the way. I invited Natasha from Margaurita Photography along and she added a touch of class with the photos…

I decorated the room and transformed my kitchen/diner into a vintage boutique. It was a brilliant way to get the girls together, and get some new outfits too. Everyone loved it so much I thought I would share the techniques I used and include an invitation for you to download, then you can host your own… Just click the links for the downloads and tutorials…

I’d love to hear about your clothes swapping parties…


I am sure that people all over the UK are today thankful for their Mummy, but I have a special thanks for my Mummy as she is the best one anyone could have.

Not only is my Mum a Mother to me, and a supportive friend but she is also my colleague. Together we have turned a passion into a business and I enjoy every aspect of working with my Mum. Where her strengths lie, I absorb and learn from her and when my weaknesses show, she motivates me on to hopefully, one day, I will become like the amazing woman she is. (or as close a possible)

My Mummy…


Lent… Give Up?.. Never!

Its the start of lent today and all this talk of giving things up has me feeling confused.
Why do we always concentrate on giving things up? Stopping things? I have decided to give up, giving up. I am going to see all my ideas through to the end, that big list of notes, things to blog about, half written blogs will now become a reality.

… eek… this could get dangerous!


Today we spent the day enjoying what the city of Leeds has to offer by visiting Cornucopia in Leeds. Slightly biased of course as my hubby has his South African/New Zealand food stall there… he is one half of Billy & Mitch’s Munch.

For those who tasted their food today… the flavours speak for themselves… for those who didn’t, the photos will have to tempt you to come and try their food next time.

Yum Yum!

Ballet, Rugby and lots of New Things!

My friend Naomi and me have made a joint New Years Resolution, and unlike the ones where you give up something you genuinely love… a year without chocolate is simply not an option!… We have decided to bring more things, and new things to our lives in 2012.

So the resolution is… “To Do New Things”

And in typical Naomi fashion, we have a fail safe way of ensuring that we continue our resolution through the year, well into the Junes, Septembers and even December days of 2012.

An invite to our very own New Things of 2012 Listhings post board pops into my inbox with 2 very different but equally exciting things to do which we have always wanted to do, thought we might fancy, but we just haven’t got around to doing them.

  1. Go to the Rugby
  2. Go to the Ballet

Any time an idea pops into one of our heads we can add it to our listhings. All of those… “I’ve always wanted to do that/go there/see it” will be added to the list and whenever we are at a loose end or want something to do we have our new things sat waiting for us.

So here we come 2012…. This Friday we are off to see the Northern Ballet, Now when does the Rugby season start?

Holly, Port and a bit of Bing…

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year (except basking in summer sunshine – in an exotic country). Each year of our marriage I have dragged my husband into the festive spirit, to the point where we are now in our 3rd year of marriage and he is fully on side… or, at least pretending to be!

Tonight sees our annual ‘putting the decs up’ evening. Decorating the tree, with Bing playing in the background and a bottle of port to add to the already warm feeling in my tummy. Its all very Sunday supplement but a bit of cringe worthy cheese is welcome in my house this time of year.

This year I have moved house and have a beautiful home with a garden which backs onto the woodland, stocked full of holly and winter greenery. So I am venturing out, snake-skin wellies, gloves and secateurs in hand (and feet) to dress my mantelpiece in a way which even Kirstie would be jealous of!

Jam Jar addiction…

I think I am addicted to Jam Jars. It doesn’t matter how big or small, round or square, even hexagonal  whether I need them or not, I have to keep them.

Some I do use, I put candles inside for a rustic but romantic way to light my garden. Some I use in my sewing room to store my chalk, crochet hooks and random buttons I have fallen in love with. But the worrying ones are the ones I don’t even like, I don’t even need… I sometimes don’t even get round to cleaning out… they just sit by the kitchen sink as ammunition for Mitchell to ask that question which I cringe away from every time it is asked… “What exactly are you saving these jars for? Are you honestly going to use them?”  to which I engulf him in an array of reasons and elaborate crafts which he will, of course, benefit from.

Which he will, of course, never benefit from.

My name is Jessica and I am a jar-o-holic…