Our New Studio

After we received the news that the venue we hold our Sewing Classes in Leeds had been sold and we could no longer hold them there, we searched high and low for a suitable place. It was a long search and nothing seemed quite right, or was right… but at the wrong price! What I really wanted was my own place, somewhere I wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else, somewhere I didn’t have to travel to… and that is when the idea of the Sewing Studio was born!

Studio Landscape

We recently moved house to a lovely 1930’s semi-detached house on Rock Lane in Leeds, and although there is a lot of work to be done, I just knew it would be the perfect home for us. At the bottom of the sloped garden was a step down, about 22 foot wide and 10 feet deep. This would be the perfect place to have a studio to hold my classes in. Yes, there was a pond and a massive cherry tree to remove… but hey, I have a husband for that!

Overgrown garden Pond etc

The biggest difficulty was digging the trench for the electrics to run from the house to the garden… 2 feet down and thick clay soil with lots of rockery. Mitchell attacked it with a pick-axe and after a run in with the washing line, it was off to A&E… ouch!

Pick Axe

After clearing the jungle that was the garden (the house had been stood empty for a while, after its hoarding owners had vacated!) it was time to lay the base. 2 tons of hardcore wheel-barrowed down the garden and what seemed like a mountain of concrete later and the Studio had somewhere to sit.

Then on the magically day when the studio is delivered and it is to be erected in all its glory… the skies opened, but hey, we’re british!… We don’t let a bit of water get in our way, oh and did I mention, we are due to have classes in here in a week!?

9 Pictures

And whilst the men worked hard… Mum provided lunch and tea-a-plenty!

Once the studio was up it time for the technical bits… electricity and lights. Then… my favourite part of all… making it pretty!

Inside the Studio Photos

I cannot thank my Dad and my Husband enough for all the hard work they put into making my dream come true. We have now held 2 classes in the new studio and it seems people love it. A few more decorations needed to brighten it up, but I guess that comes with time.

Inside the Studio

It just goes to show that if you have a vision, and a Husband and Dad with a bit of muscle, you can achieve your dreams.

the perfect setting

We look forward to sewing with you in our new Studio soon x

(…remember… it’s not a shed!)

Partying Sewing Sessions Style

This weekend we partied with a group of hens who were celebrating Rebecca’s wedding in Mauritius in 4 weeks. The perfect way to warm up their weekend of clucking as her hens, especially for such a creative girl like Rebecca. Arriving in her already handmade Jewellery I knew this group of hens would be great at our Accessory Making Party and I was right…

Simple decorations gave the party our unique Sewing Sessions look…

They made some beautiful accessories…

… and left with a goodie bag each…



we wish you luck on your big day Rebecca x

Margaurita Photography

Last weekend we had a fantastic time at our Beginners Sewing Session, we invited along Tash from Margaurita Photography to take some pictures for our new website.

Margaurita Photography

Tash spent the day learning to sew and taking pictures but, not that we even noticed it as an intrusion… I was a little concerned at first having a photographer in the room with the students learning to sew and thought it might interrupt us a bit. But all my worries were for nothing.

Tash’s camera is like another limb to her, an extension of her arm, it is such a part of her that you barely notice she is taking them. She took the opportunity to get involved and get to know who we are, and what our sewing sessions are about. I think this is what makes her pictures so unique. Anyone can take a couple of photos but behind hers there is real personality… they tell a story.

Check them out and see what you think…

Blogging… not stitching.

Today I venture into the world of blogging and to tell you about The Sewing Sessions… Sewing Classes, Bespoke Dressmaking and the world of stitching and crafting.

I will keep you up to date with things happening in our world and would love to see what you are making and creating too… so please comment on my posts!

I look forward to sewing with you!…