How to make a simple drawstring bag…

Drawstring bags are one of my favourite things to make, one: because they are so easy, and two: because the possibilities are endless. A simple homemade drawstring bag can give any gift the personal touch, or make a messy toy room tidy again. You can use up small pieces of left over fabric, or it is great for Fat Quarters you may have stashed away somewhere. I love these drawstring bags and hope you do to. I would love to hear what you will be putting in yours…

Make a Drawstring bag

Just follow the steps…

Step One…

Cut Fabric Size


Step Two…

Hem Top Edges


Step Three…

Measure Ribbon Holes


Step Four…

Stitch your Seams


Step Five…

Press Seams and Turn


Step Six…

Stitch Top Channel


Step Seven…

Turn and Thread Ribbon


Now you have made your drawstring bag!… What will you use yours for? I have decided to give mine as a housewarming gift for my friend. My Dad keeps bees and she just loves his honey so I am going to give her some honey in my homemade drawstring bag… I hope she likes it!Gift with Honey


7 thoughts on “How to make a simple drawstring bag…

  1. Reblogged this on Sweet Mabel and commented:
    I’m currently working on a project that may require a handmade drawstring bag. I found this post very helpful and easy to understand (and I also absolutely love the fabric that has been used) so I thought I’d share it with you all.

  2. This step by step instructions were super useful for me. I am currently making my pouch bags for my children’s birthday party out of this guide. I’m so happy I was able to stumble into this

  3. Thank you for these great instructions, i’m not the worlds best at sewing, but I have been able to make lots of bags with the help of your instructions.

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