It was great to be a part of such a great shoot with Margaurita Photography and Our Munch… Here’s Margaurita Photography’s finished product of our wonderful Alfresco Dining…

Margaurita Photography

You know by now that I myself read blogs and find so much inspiration from them. When I first came across Alfresco Dining via  Oh Happy Day I knew that I wanted to do it. An open space simply dressed with good food and great company? Yes please. So I started putting the feelers out and it didn’t take long to have a dream team who wanted to try it to. Myself along with Jess from The Sewing Sessions and Billie and Mitch from Our Munch put our heads together, created a pintest board  and started planning.

We wanted it to be close by so we walked through the woods near where we live and we when we walked across a certain blank canvas we both started pouring with ideas. Sharing a creative vision with some one is so much fun when you are on the same page. Below is the…

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