Margaurita Photography

Last weekend we had a fantastic time at our Beginners Sewing Session, we invited along Tash from Margaurita Photography to take some pictures for our new website.

Margaurita Photography

Tash spent the day learning to sew and taking pictures but, not that we even noticed it as an intrusion… I was a little concerned at first having a photographer in the room with the students learning to sew and thought it might interrupt us a bit. But all my worries were for nothing.

Tash’s camera is like another limb to her, an extension of her arm, it is such a part of her that you barely notice she is taking them. She took the opportunity to get involved and get to know who we are, and what our sewing sessions are about. I think this is what makes her pictures so unique. Anyone can take a couple of photos but behind hers there is real personality… they tell a story.

Check them out and see what you think…

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